Thursday, October 9, 2014

A Letter to Mr. Fear

From among the thousand rooms my heart you have occupied the maximum space...
You always tried making me fear of losing my near and dear, which always made me lonely and my eyes filled with tears!
It’s Good to have fear to make one grow higher but your plans for my fear are not really clear.
I hate you the most and never want back your stay, don’t come out and spoil my lovely Day!
You were never welcomed by my heart to live or stay, so it’s better for you to leave my place and run away!
Never plan to make your stay, it’s almost a year you are spoiling my all Days.
Enough Mr. Fear, I no more Fear, now I am the Winner and you are the Looser.
So accept your failure and plan your departure!
As I am no more alone and will never be anymore, time for you to run away alone.
Good Bye! Mr. Fear don’t turn back anymore and dare to make me fear....
Coz I will never have time to think about you anymore!
Now time for me to win and be the Winner....... As I will be busy planning my career.