Tuesday, December 22, 2015

WatcHing Eyes!

The Watching Eyes!

It was just a dream, not any reality but words started flowing infront of my eyes, and i decided to make a note of the clueless dream!

With opened or close eyes of mine,
I could see a eyes watching!
Its not the mirror image nor the inner mind,
But those eyes keep speaking alL time.
Ignored it multiple times thinking a false thought of mine,
In return the eyes gave a smile back eveytime.
Never thought a eyes would keep watching who really has nothing!
Wink of it made me realize the eyes spoke several times, with all answers behind.

Those eyes hardly see in real, but i see those with opened & closed eyes of mine!

It always tells "I am there for all the answers you need" try to find it anytime :)

Dreams really speak a lot...but answers are always with us ;)


  1. Waiting for your lovely comments guys,very sooni will be coming with my new blog, hope you guys like it. :)
    Have a beautiful Day!

  2. Each sunrise gives you hope to your dreams and light to your plans... the eyes that you see in your dream have the answers for right questions, ask them and achieve your dreams... Nice and crisp article :)

  3. Thankyou for the lovely comment Prv ;)On my way for new post of my upcoming dream. :)

  4. very cute and vernacular ... and feelings put across very nice way :)